Eric Schumacher Bio


Last Updated Feb. 6, 2018

Eric is an actor/director/producer with a rapidly growing fan base  and a steadily growing list of successful film television and  multimedia projects under his belt.

Born into an  acting family and trained  from the age of  six  at the knee  of his parents, seasoned actors Joan and Paul  Schumacher, Eric fell madly in love with the art and resolved to be the  best actor he could possibly be. He has always had a great desire to be known as someone who could completely disappear into a roll and has worked diligently to attain the skills to make it possible.

Throughout his childhood, in between auditions, Eric dreamed of the kinds of films and television shows he would make when he grew up  and was blessed enough to study with and be mentored by a variety of other great performers and teachers, both relatively unknown and  world-renowned.

In an attempt to become a better film actor Eric  also made a formal study  of film making and started working on on the other side of the camera almost as often as he has worked as an actor.

Attracted to the discipline and personal growth aspects of the  art, Eric also made along study of Chinese martial arts and has taught both formal martial arts and self-defense.

Eric is best known for his work as an actor. Notable projects include his roles as: Wyatt Earp in Fox TV’s Legends and Lies: the Real West, Doc Holliday in the feature film Tombstone Rashomon directed  by the legendary Alex Cox (Repo Man, Sid and Nancy, Walker), Agent David  Killjoy in the widely critically acclaimed Web series Zhon: The Alien Interviews (which he also co-produced) pompous newscaster Frank Mann in the comedy webseries series Crewing Up and as nerdy comic bookstore owner John Burns in the Fren-Zee geek culture feature film trilogy of which Writing Fren-Zee, and Revenge of Zoe have so far been produced.

Having had the benefit of being trained by some of the best in the world, Eric is also a voice actor, and his voice can be heard in a variety of radio and television commercials, video promotional pieces, video games, audio books, Etc.

As a director and producer, Eric has put most of his attention  towards multimedia and series projects with a few feature films thrown  in for good measure. Eric has directed or produced  television commercials, radio commercials, web video web video promotional pieces, industrial videos and more.  

His true passion as a producer or director however, lies in narrative fiction productions such as the upcoming sci fi series My Stolen Time Machine, which he directed, the afore mentioned feature film, Revenge of Zoe which he co-produced, the multiple award-winning post-apocalyptic film/music video They Pretend and many more.

Eric is a former president of the Board of Directors of the Independent Film Association of Southern Arizona (now called Independent Film Arizona) 

He is a current partner and the creative director for multiple award winning multimedia production company Seelie Studios, LLC, ( which has a long history of producing effective branded entertainment productions such as the 13 season branded web series, The Bob and Angus Show for Mayfair Games, The Glover movies and more. 

Eric has been a featured guest on various local and national talk shows, has been quoted in many prestigious publications regarding the film and multimedia industry. Feeling an obligation to provide mentorship to others as he has received it, Eric lectures frequently at sci-fi conventions, comi-cons and film festivals about various aspects of the entertainment industry and about filmmaking and performance skills and consults on various aspects of entertainment marketing and entertainment business strategy.

Eric always has his eyes open for that next great project.