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Doc and I on Arizona Spotlight

 Now online! I was interviewed by veteran reporter Christopher Conover on Mark McLeMore's 11th annual Haloween Special on Arizona Spotloght for AZPM (NPR) about a little known chapter in the lives  of Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp. Doc even showed up during the interview.  It’s at about 4:23 into the show.  Click here to go to the AZPM (PBS) website to listen.

Flapper Press Interview

In anticipation of the next article coming soon, Derek May did an interview with me for Elizabeth Gracen's Flapper Press. He asked some interesting questions and I spoke about why, in particular, I started producing and directing when my true love has always been acting. I hope you enjoy it. Click here to go to the article on the Flapper Press Website. Article

A quote from me was featured in this article about how to get into the entertainment industry on Click here to read the article.

Me Too Book by Dawn Jamison

I was interviewed by Dawn Jamison for her book Reckoning Day #ME Too Stories That Will Inspire You.  In the interview I talk about an experience I had with a very confused boss when I was a teenager working at a retail store, and give some overall thoughts from the standpoint of someone who taught martial arts and self defense for many years and has worked in the entertainment industry for most of my life. Check out the book on Amazon by clicking here.

Interview on Arianna Huffington's Thrive Global

This was a really lovely interview with  Drew Gurley on Thrive Global. I talked about some things not many people know about me and shared thoughts the fears an actor has while trying to survive in the industry.  Click the link to read it here.




Inside the Crazy Ant Farm Podcast Interview

I joined the guys and gals from the wonderful entertainment industry podcast Inside The Crazy Ant Farm. the conversation got a little profound. Listen on Google Play Music by clicking here .. or on Itunes by Clicking here..

Tombstone Rashomon Featured in True West Magazine

Tombstone Rashomon was recently featured in an article in True West Magazine as one of the best westerns of 2018. Check it out by  clicking here and scrolling down a bit..

Henry's Western Roundup Article on Tombstone Rashomon

Popular western movie blog Henry's Western Roundup did an article on Tombstone Rashomon , including an interview with Alex Cox. Click here and scroll down a bit to read it 

Indie Activity Magazine Interview

I was pleased to be interviewed by Indie Activity about my career in 2017. This has been one of the most read articles about me to date. Click here to go to the Indieactivity Website and read the interview. 

Casey Ryan's, The Cutting Room Floor Interview

I had a great catch up interview with Casey Ryan on the popular entertainment industry podcast, The Cutting Room Floor. We had a lot of fun. To listen, click here and either sign up for talk shoe or click "non flash MP3 direct link" to listen with out joining talk Shoe.

Thirst World Problems Podcast Interview

I joined the guys at the Thirst World Problems Podcast for an interview,  where we talked show business, and some controversial issues and goofed off a bit. I'm on  from about 33 minutes in. Click here to go to the Thirst World Podcast website and listen to the interview. 

AZPM Radio Guest Performance


I joined producer and celebrity interviewer Mark McLemore on AZPM's Arizona spotlight for a Halloween Special where I performed Edgar Allen Poe's, The Haunted Palace. Click here to go to the AZPM website and listen. 

Whom You Know Magazine Interview

I was interviewed by New York's Whom You Know Magazine in 2016 in the Movers and Shakers Section. Click here to go to the Whom You Know website and read the interview

The Nameless Zine Magazine Interview

I had a great interview with the  Nameless Zine Magazine while speaking at the 39th annual TusCon Sci Fi, Fantasy and Horror Convention a couple of years ago. Click here to go to the Nameless Zine Website and read the interview.

The Indie Report Interview

While attending the Chandler International Film Festival in 2018 (where the Narco Crime Drama El Patron The Master was honored to win an award) I was interviewed live by the guys from The Indie Report. Its a fun interview. Check it out on Facebook by clicking here.

Avoid the Zombie Crew Guest Article on Production HUB

A guest article I wrote for a major filmmaker website about keeping your crew energized and happy.  Click here for the article.

Rogue Cinema Interview 2011

Back in 2011 I was interviewed by Rogue Cinema as a part of the launch of Zhon: The Alien Interviews. Click here to read the interview.